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Increase Your Sales

There is a proven fact that exists in the business world today…accepting credit cards significantly increases your sales. But ask yourself this: is your merchant provider actively involved in helping you boost them even further? That’s the question we ask all the time and the response is often surprising. Now we’re not just talking about “allowing” you to process sales or giving you the right tools. We’re talking about a true business partnership that goes beyond that. Not only do we encourage you to grow, we help you figure out how to do it. We’ve found there are two ways to do anything in life and in business – halfway or all the way. We strongly prefer all the way. Want to learn more? Talk to your relationship manager today and find out how we empower our customers every day to absolutely maximize their sales.

Risk Management

One of the most complex sciences in the world of payments is managing risk. The good news is, you don’t have to be an expert to understand and navigate it if you have the right experts to help manage it without loss of sleep at night. That’s where we excel. No, it’s not exciting to most people, but we’re different. We get immense satisfaction out of doing something better than our competitors – manage risk with a strategic approach, sheer savvy, and unrelenting effort. That means you get to focus more on growing your business knowing you have an experienced partner that will do everything humanly possible to keep the roadblocks to a minimum.

Preventing Fraud

Chargebacks (when a customer disputes a charge with their card issuer) can be the single most frustrating aspect of payment processing to many merchants. Luckily for you, a very small percentage of transactions result in a chargeback – in many cases due to fraud. Even better news: there are some quick and easy steps you can implement in your business to prevent it. Or you can take even more time building a plan with an experience payments expert who has seen it all. Interested in ramping up your fraud prevention efforts? Talk to your PayRamp relationship manager today…we’ll help you implement tools and tangible processes that will help minimize your exposure to fraud.

PCI Compliance

PCI (Payment Card Industry) Compliance is a set of guidelines set forth by the major Payment Brands to protect consumers from breaches that result in data compromise and fraud. Your customers count on you to keep their information safe, so the reputation and long term health of your business depends on it. Think of it as a virus-scan for your business (one that’s required by the Payment Brands). If this sounds intimidating, don’t worry – our team of PCI experts will help you navigate and simplify this process with as little of your time and money invested as possible so you can stay focused on growing your business. That’s empowerment and it’s what we do every day.

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